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What’s Beyond Responsive Web Design?

Do you still open some websites with your phone browser, to find texts disorganized, spaces between images are huge, you navigate pages really slow, can barely place an order; you end up getting frustrated and leaving the website quickly? Imagine if that’s a user experience on your own website, and that visitor is a current customer or potential one. This is when Responsive Web Design is needed.

First, what does Web Design mean?

A website design is based on three things:

1- Designing the website appearance

Choosing colors, shapes, icons and images, based on the business activity, audience, goals, and logo; meaning? If the company is based on activities for children, the website appearance should have various fun designs and colors. If skin care products are your business field, delicate designs and attractive colors will be a good choice. If the company works in real estate, then more typical colors, with one eye-catching color, basic colors for all. 

Choosing colors, icons, images, and graphic designs for your company’s website, depends on your goals, activities, audience, and identity. 

2- Designing the website structure

Means the website structure, paths, main pages, and sub-pages. The core of a website structure is to make the website easily understood by users, easily navigated, accessible and fast loaded. This is what we call a user-friendly website, which we can have by making the web design simple and easy, so almost everyone can understand it.

3- Creating website content

Images, texts, and Call-To-Action buttons on the site; organizing all of this in a manner that arranges the visitors’ thoughts and leads them to the information they’re searching for, without any confusion or frustration.


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Why should you invest in Interactive Web Design?

There’s more beyond responsive web design than just looking good on every screen size, but the biggest gain comes from search engine optimization:

1- Promoting your website on Google search engines depends mainly on improving the User Experience. Therefore, if your website is responsive, the user can navigate pages quickly, place his order efficiently, and leave your site with a successful experience and a complete mission, then this is the most influential factor that promotes your site on Google engines.

In addition, you avoid wasted browsing time on your website, failing to open some pages, or reach products/services. That in itself can overload your website without generating orders. So, an easy and effective user experience reduces the load on your site, the possibilities of crashes, and makes the user experience successful for both you and them.

2- Responsive design gives your site “Accessibility”, and it means that everyone can access, regardless of their abilities and disabilities.

By disability here, we do not only mean that the person is blind and yet still can interact with your website and place an order or subscribe to your newsletter. This is one of the meanings of accessibility in fact. Furthermore, we represent the fact that even if a user has a poor-featured device, he can still navigate your site easily and receive the service he expects. You never miss an order, nor a potential customer.

3- Responsive design also gives your team accessibility for easy management of your website. Adding, updating and correcting errors. Instead of hiring a designer to handle each version of the site – desktop copy, mobile copy and tablet copy, responsive design will allow you to make changes yourself easily, so the updates you’ve made will appear on all devices with the very same quality and efficiency.

Furthermore, Google announced that websites that are difficult to navigate on mobile will rank lower. This means that non-responsive websites will lose some of their strength competing for the first results on Google, because they can’t provide mobile users with a pleasant user experience.

Investing in responsive web design saves you effort, cost, and missed opportunities. But how much does it cost to have your own responsive web design? How long does it take to complete that mission? Our team of professionals will assist you finding the answers, so contact us today to have your responsive website and save your business position.


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