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Discover the Best 4 SEO Tools

What are the best SEO tools? Do they work for all companies of different sizes? Could one tool be enough for your business? If you’re trying to choose one or more SEO tools for your company, here’s a guide.

1. The most popular SEO tool: AHREFS

Ahrefs is one of the most popular and favorite SEO tools because of its simplicity and accuracy. Since it was released in 2012 and until now, in 2024, Ahrefs has continued to compete and pop as one of the key tools for marketing experts.

Ahrefs’ offers a range of functions, including:

  • Website rank tracking on search engines.
  • Site monitoring.
  • Content and keyword research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Backlink research

And due to its most distinctive function, Site Explorer, Ahrefs became the most popular tool among marketers, widely used among media agencies as well. Ahrefs is the best for link building and as a backlink analysis tool as well. So, if you’re looking for the best tool for checking backlinks in no time, Ahrefs will be your best choice.

Ahrefs pros compared to other SEO tools:

  • Easy to use, to a certain point.
  • Accurate, particularly in terms of the website ranking, and is continuously updated.
  • Offers a detailed analysis of research words.
  • It costs less than SEMrush.
  • Distinctive performance in competitor analysis.
  • Forbes Advisor has ranked Ahrefs as the best search engine optimization tool for small businesses.

The cons of Ahrefs:

  • Reporting functions are limited. 
  • Most of its focus is on analysis and monitoring.
  • Ahrefs comes in second to SEMrush in performance as a tracker, yet Semrush lets you track better at a lower cost in this particular function.

Ahrefs price:

Ahrefs does not offer a free trial like most tools, and the paid plan price starts at $108/month.

2. Majestic:

Majestic’s offers a range of functions, including:

  • Tracking backlinks, analyzing competitors’ websites ranking, and providing you with valuable insight into your search engine optimization efforts to improve your website ranking.
  • Users praise Majestic’s search explorer tool, as it enables them to make a thorough scan, and easily locates keywords. This feature is useful for large corporate websites with a large volume of Evergreen Content, which may take years to go viral.
  • Majestic offers a huge database, and this is a great feature for most users, making it a lot easier to check backlinks and obtain metrics such as Trust Flow and Citation Flow, which also provide you with the validity of each backlink.
  • In 2020, Majestic also announced the launch of Link Graph, a visual map of the immediate network that surrounds a website or URL. The map is perfect for complex links, making the tool ideal for website ranking.
  • Majestic has 3 important functions, and most importantly, they’re all in one tool: a site explorer, a backlink history checker, and a search explorer. Together, these functions give you a comprehensive vision for your site pages, so you can make the right amending decision.
  • Majestic can check backlinks in large numbers at once, Majestic also offers a Topical Trust Flow to discover the public’s confidence in your website, the content you publish, and what your website may need to gain authority in your business field.

Majestic pros compared to other SEO tools:

  • Monitoring backlinks history is one of the most comprehensive indicators in the market compared to other tools, especially when you conduct a campaign on broken links.
  • The Link Graph, the visual map, is amazing for saving you time and money analyzing competitors’ sites, enabling you to see tiers of links.
  • Amazing in search engine optimization and as a competitors’ analysis.
  • Majestic’s innovation is continuous, and offers new valuable additions every once in a while.

Majestic cons:

  • The tool is limited to backlink analysis, which is not enough to give you a comprehensive perception.
  • An advanced tool for topical analysis and cleaning up bad SEO pages.
  • It has no backlink alert where you can set up your domain and quickly get alerted about any influx of low-quality backlinks.

Majestic price:

It starts at $49.99 per month.

3. SEMrush:

A masterful tool in keyword categorization, ideas, and suggestions. It also allows you to branch out to competitors’ high-ranking keywords. SEMrush solutions highlight many technical analyses to keep your site up with search engines. Their software includes more than 50 tools to support your site’s strategy for search engine optimization. It also offers guidance in wielding keywords through content, blogs, and product pages. 

SEMrush pros:

  • Compares pages or domains to view the missed keyword opportunities.
  • Compares backlink profiles. 
  • Automatically suggest related research words.
  • Lets you have daily updates about the ranking of your site compared to competitors websites.
  • A large set of tracking tools and keywords.
  • Adjustable control panel.
  • The tool is great for large websites.
  • Its highly detailed dashboard with customizable widgets gives a thorough overview of how well a tracked domain is performing in terms of metrics like authority, backlinks, traffic, organic keywords, and average time on site.

Semrush cons compared to other SEO tools:

  • Expensive.
  • Not quite as feature-rich as all-in-one tools.
  • Most of its focus is on keywords, SERP analysis, and page ranking metrics. 

SEMrush price:

The tool offers a free plan with limited functions, and the paid plan starts at $108 per month.

4. Screaming Frog:

If you’re looking for a tool with the same accuracy as search engines, use Screaming Frog. The tool is resourceful and accurate, and it acts as a crawler that checks your site’s search engine optimization strategy to give you advice from a robot perspective. Its feedback speed is the most attractive feature for users. It also offers you a general assessment of how healthy the SEO on your site is.

Screaming Frog makes intensive analyses based on rating factors that Google or Bing focuses on, and this makes it one of the most widely used SEO tools. The tool provides these functions:

  • Redirects
  • Broken links
  • Server errors
  • Duplicate content
  • Other barriers that hurt your rankings

Screaming Frog pros compared to other SEO tools:

  • The tool discovers issues that are hard to identify with other tools.
  • It works faster.
  • It can process more than 1 million pages with high efficiency.
  • The tool allows you to do a lot of functions with little cost compared to the rest of the tools and within a short time.
  • The tool allows you to rate a full website, whether for a client or a competitor, and get complete SEO insight for it. 

Screaming Frog cons:

  • Although there is a fairly functional free plan, the paid plan price isn’t for everyone.
  • The user interface is complicated.
  • Using it for the first time can be difficult, as can installing it.
  • Because of the innumerable number of pages it assesses, Screaming Frog may seem overcrowded, and sometimes it becomes difficult to get the data you need.

Screaming Frog price

The tool offers a basic free version with limited features, in addition to the paid plan. But, you have a limited budget or want to test the tool before buying it, the free version can get things done.

The free plan for Screaming Frog allows you to:

  • Find broken links, page errors, and redirect broken links.
  • Analyze page titles and meta descriptions to see how far they can rank on search engines.
  • Review meta-robots and directives.
  • Find duplicate contents.
  • Create an XML map for your website.
  • Get complete insight.
  • Crawls up to 500 URLs in the free version. 

Screaming Frog paid plan:

You have access to all these features in the paid plan, plus many more, with an unlimited number of URLs. A one-year subscription costs $259 and includes free technical support, multiple integration capabilities, and scheduling capabilities.

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