A brand is an integral triangle of a company’s personality, looks, and performance, or simply the set of perceptions the audience has about it, which work in harmony towards giving it a distinctive identity and helping it break through the clutter.
Branding is the actions your company needs to take to develop its unrivalled tone of voice, visuals, and communications.
The concept of branding is not recent, it’s actually dated to more than 1500 years ago. The word is derived from the old Norwegian word “brand” which means “to burn”. There, in the ancient fields of Norway, farmers used that word to describe marking their cattle with simple and indicative symbols to claim ownership in case they got lost, missing, or stolen.
Today, thousands of years later in the modern and giant markets, the word significance evolved to mean much more than cattle symbols or marks.

Why build a brand? Why is branding important?

Given that today’s market is loaded with hundreds (if not thousands) of companies with the same offerings besides the emergence of social media, which exposed customers to tons of new brands and temptations more than ever.
As a result, building and running a well-structured, coherent brand is almost non-negotiable to develop a favourable impression about your company in your audience’s perception and add an outstanding advantage in such fierce and rising competition.
Among the many reasons branding matters are the following:

branding adds meaning and personality to the company’s offerings, turning them from generic services or products into meaningful human and interactive connections with the company’s audiences. This connection evokes the trust that will later turn your customer into devoted brand advocates.

Branding, through professional visual and behavioral consistency, shows your potential audiences how credible and established your business is, what your promises are, and what they should expect from you in every interaction.

when you get your audience exposed and engaged with a consistent and outstanding identity, the more likely they are to notice your presence, stay involved, and appreciate the whole experience. 

Branding helps outline the company’s key USPs, strength spots, the right tone of voice, and the personality your company should carry. Then strategically apply everything to motivate audiences to listen and move forward in their buyer journey

A well-rounded brand is an invaluable asset that gives any company more leverage, a better reputation, a higher value in the industry, and makes it an appealing investment opportunity. 

Brand identity

What is visual identity? Why should it matter?

A brand’s visual identity is its eloquent spokesman that silently, yet resonantly, vocalizes the brand’s essence, builds complementary brand image and culture, and orchestrates the entire business marketing operations.

Visual Identities
are simply everything a customer can see that shapes their perception and experience with the brand.

They are the graphic and imagery system that highlights the brand's personality and how it is unlike its competitors.

Visual Identities should consist of harmonious and evocative visual elements, such as logo, color palette, fonts & typography, shapes, patterns, illustrations, icons, imagery, and much more.
These elements must be carefully and meaningfully curated together to captivate the right audience’s admiration from the first glance, create a memorable visual experience, and eventually maintain this impression at every touchpoint. 

Any brand should have its visual elements listed and meticulously describe in a lengthy, well-structured style guide, also known in creative domains as
brand guidelines or brand books.

brand guideline is a detailed resource for branding and marketing professionals that plays as an indefinite reference for the brand's stylistic branding elements and an outline of the brand's voice in order to maintain a coherent brand image across all channels and applications.

How can we help?

Whether creating a new visual identity or revamping an already existing one (rebranding), we start off with intense exploring and all-around research; to get a full idea of your brand’s current competition and your potential audiences’ tastes, before we come up with all the available creative options that fit your narrative and values.

Logo design

Why does any brand need an outstanding logo?

Since the human brain distinguishes visuals faster than texts, Logo is any brand’s face and arguably the most influential branding asset it has.
A logo is that carefully put together graphic asset, whether a symbol, word(s), letter(s), or/and shapes that, along with other visual elements, communicates a unified and coherent narrative about your company’s Northstar, vision, and style.
A compelling logo design is any brand’s must-have to impress their audiences and stay unforgettable, immersive, and timeless.

How can we help?

With profound research and bold creatives, we do more than just a good-looking logo. We transform complex visions and strategies into a pixel-perfect, impactful logo that gracefully represents your brand and speaks for its highest values, clicks with your potential users, and influences their perception of your company.



Rebranding is when an established business completely transforms its visual and marketing presence. It’s a popular market strategy where brands change their logo, visual identity, (and sometimes) name, vision, mission, and values; for the purpose of changing how the company is perceived by the target audiences and stakeholders, higher relevancy,  exposure, and better brand recognition.


Branding companies

Branding companies (also known as Branding Agencies) role is to research, plan, and build your business’s exceptional brand in the light of market competition and the preferences of your target audience.

Branding agency can look at your business with a fresh and objective pair of eyes, which enables them to scan and investigate your business atmosphere from a neutral standpoint and open a room for new opportunities for innovation and competitiveness.

Rosella branding agency in Qatar

As a business branding agency in Qatar ourselves, we understand how challenging it is to have access to the latest branding tools and strategies and to create a brand that outperforms the competition and stays ahead of the curve.

In Rosella, We offer your business the full spectrum of branding solutions that will help you create and embrace your unique influence, boost brand equity, and cultivate the brand that’s unforgettably you.

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